Contract Mobilisation and Implementation

This section outlines the process and activities involved when implementing a new contract.  This is to ensure:

  • supplier(s) have all the information they require to plan user’s  migration  to the new contract
  • Organisations have all the information they require e.g. suppliers’ contact details, information on the goods/services available from the contract
  • continuity of supply

Contract implementation consists of two distinct phases:


the movement of organisations to a new contract post 'go-live'


the process of moving from contract award to 'go-live', i.e. the point when a user can actually buy from the contract

NB Some steps in the process may be done at the same time.

This mobilisation process is a guide to help plan activities between contract award and go live. The timescales for each of the stages should be amended to reflect your own specific procurement exercise.

Consideration must also be given to Planning, Sustainable Procurement and Risk Management throughout this stage of the Procurement Journey.

The Contract Implementation Plan document listed below will assist you to communicate Framework Agreement / Contracts, Roles and Responsibilities, Framework Agreements / Contract Management Strategy and how customers can engage. 

Any documents you need are listed below