Step 1: Select Assessment

Your Centre of Expertise (CoE) will confirm in agreement with your organisation whether your organisation will undertake:

  • an existing Full, Medium or Lite PCIP assessment or
  • an abbreviated assessment option (a Pulse Check or a Pulse Check Lite assessment)

Assessment selection is based on several factors e.g.:

  • organisation spend
  • whether the organisation has undertaken a PCIP assessment before
  • size of the organisation
  • market factors

The table below offers a guide on which type of review an organisation could receive:

£2m > Total Spend < £15m £15m > Total Spend < £40-60m Total Spend > £40-60m
Lite Assessment Medium Assessment Full Assessment

Please note this is guidance only. 

A copy of the differing PCIP assessment questions can be found at the bottom of this page. 

The Evaluation Matrix gives examples of the types of evidence that can be used by organisations to respond to the PCIP assessment questions - please note this is not an exhaustive list and is for guidance only.  

Any documents you need are listed below