Opening of Tenders

If you are using PCS-Tender, this stage of the Procurement Journey will be automated. You should refer to the specific guidance for this system for information on how to manage this stage.  It is important to ensure that you select the sealed tender option on any electronic tender system.

If your organisation does not use PCS-Tender, you should refer to your internal policies and procedures for information on how to manage this stage.  If you have no internal policies and procedures you may wish to follow the guidelines outlined below.

Prior to the tender return date you should establish a tender opening board consisting of at least two members of your organisation's staff. The board is responsible for:

Opening, checking, recording the details of the returned tender submissions on the tender opening form.



Tender Opening Board Responsibilities

The Board must check and note the following:



Tender has been signed and dated by the bidder


Price schedule has been completed in accordance with the ITT instructions


Standard Conditions of Contract, and all other conditions of contract issued with the ITT, have not been amended, altered or replaced by the bidder


Any omissions must be recorded in writing and kept within the registered tender file.






Blank rows are provided for your use e.g. to add additional checklist items.

Note: if a tender is incomplete, or doesn't conform to instructions, it may be disqualified.  You should refer to the appropriate person in your organisation e.g. head of procurement, for guidance.

If the tender is disqualified, you must inform the bidder in writing at the earliest opportunity.  This communication should include the reason(s) for disqualification.

The completed Tender Opening Form must be retained and filed as part of the tender audit trail.

Any documents you need are listed below

Tender Opening Form

(file type: docx)