Contract Award

Once the successful supplier has been identified and approval has been received to award the contract, you can notify suppliers of the outcome.

The successful supplier should be notified of the outcome in writing, using the Contract Award Letter. This must be signed by a person with the delegated authority to procure and commit your Organisation to the contract. The letter may be adapted as required.

At the same time as the above, unsuccessful suppliers should be notified using the Unsuccessful Quotation Letter.

A supplier is entitled to ask for the reasons why their quotation was unsuccessful. It is essential that all feedback is documented for audit purposes and based on the objective criteria used to evaluate the quotation. This is called de-briefing and provides suppliers with positive constructive feedback to help improve their performance in future quotations. It can also provide an opportunity for suppliers to suggest improvements to your procurement processes.

Once these letters have been issued to the successful supplier, the quotation becomes live and can now be referred to as a contract.



Have you Got Everything You Need?

Before carrying on, please check you've got everything you need:

  • issued a formal Award letter
  • issued unsuccessful letter(s)
  • remember to raise a Purchase Order with the successful supplier
  • a suitable area (either electronic or physical) for storing relevant documentation
  • access to the data is given to all individuals with authority

Any documents you need are listed below

Contract Award Letter

(file type: docx)